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Kid-Approved Healthy Food With Stealth Veggies

OAKTON, Va.  (WUSA) - "YUCK!"  If you've heard that when you've tried to serve your kids vegetables like squash, cauliflower, or sweet potatoes, join the club.     

My nine-year-old dislikes most vegetables, except for raw carrots.  And I wonder if she ever eats any vegetables when she buys lunch at school.   But there's hope.

Fairfax County Schools are trying to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.   On Friday, October 15, Penny McConnell, the Director of Fairfax County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services held a taste testing at Oakton Elementary. 

On the menu were all products from Hidden Healthies, a company (started by a mom) that mass produces all natural products with stealth vegetables.   Company literature says it's "traditional kid's favorites made with a healthier veggie twist."

Serial Burglar Strikes Again

VIENNA, Va.  (WUSA) - Police in Northern Virginia say the serial burglar has hit more than 100 homes in the past several months.

Overnight in the Vienna area, five homes were hit.  Police say the burglar successfully entered three and stole purses and/or money. 

Two homes were hit on Nicholas Circle.  The owner of one says she came downstairs for breakfast and discovered her purse was missing.  Then she saw the garage door had been picked and the door to house also compromised.

"He was inside my house while I was sleeping. I'm scared. I'm really scared.  And I'll probably be scared for a long time," she said. 

The thief tried to get into her neighbor's house, but was unsuccessful.  He did get in the screened-in porch by slitting a screen, but he could not pry open the windows because the owner locked them.

Securing Your Home

GREAT FALLS, Va. (WUSA) - "We need to get in habit of doing these things," said Master Police Officer Patrick Lucas who is a crime prevention specialist.   He says people need to remember to make sure their doors are locked and their garage doors are closed before leaving home or going to sleep.

The serial burglar, who may responsible for as many as 100 break-ins or attempted break-in through Northern Virginia, uses the path of least resistance.  He's entered most homes through unlocked doors.

"He seems to be very cash-driven oriented only," said Officer Lucas.  It may be more than one thief or  copy cat thieves.  The thief is using gloves, leaving behind little forensic evidence.  He is generally not stealing property  or credit cards, both of which could be traced back to the owner.

Detours & OnRamps: An Oct. 25th Forum On The Issues Facing Mothers In The Workplace


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Chipotle BOORITO 2010: The Horrors of Processed Food

This was sent to us by Katherine Newell Smith KNS Promotion Inc.:

Chipotle is presenting “BURRITO 2010: The Horrors of Processed Food” ...and it is a bit different than BOORITO of years past.

Here’s how it works: stop by any Chipotle on Halloween, Sunday, October 31 between 6pm and closing time dressed up as a Horrific Processed Food item and, as a thank you for a $2 donation, you will get a huge, gourmet burrito made to your specifications. Chipotle will then donate up to $1 million dollars to Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

e2Campus Announces New 360 Safety Suite

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Tysons Boulevard Closure to Begin Overnights Wednesday through Saturday

Multiple daytime lane closures of Tysons Boulevard at Chain Bridge Road in Tysons Corner will begin on or about Wednesday, Oct. 13. Tysons Boulevard will be closed between Galleria Drive and Route 123, from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday nights.

Traffic can access Tysons Boulevard by using Galleria Drive to Westpark Drive, then left on to Westbranch Drive and right on to Tysons Boulevard. There will also be other detours in place to support the Tysons Boulevard closure.

Dulles Rail crews will be reconfiguring the road and implementing lane shifts. They have been building piers for aerial bridge construction in this area for several months. Motorists in this area should use extreme care and watch for signage.