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Holiday Tips

The holiday season is usually a busy time for a lot of folks. There’s shopping to do, food to cook, and people to entertain. To help you get through this festive time of year, we have a few simple tips:

  • Schedule: Pencil in a time to play with your kids and pets. Take your children on extra long walks with the family dog – it will relieve holiday stress for everyone
  • Guests: Acquaint your guests with your house rules, including food restrictions. “Under-the-table” feedings for the dog or bedtime disruptions for the kids can upset both stomachs and routines.
  • Decorations: Tinsel, ornaments and other decorations can be tempting to curious toddlers and animals. Hang them up higher to prevent choking hazards.
  • Food: Make sure the entire family eats balanced meals: Limit your kids’ sugar intake and don’t feed your pet turkey bones, gravy, candy or other “people foods” that could cause obstructions or indigestion. When cooking, turn pot handles in toward the stove so kids and pets can’t pull or knock the pots over.
  • Gifts: Don’t give animals as surprise gifts ? involve the recipient in picking out the right pet. If you are looking for a pet visit our shelters and speak with our adoption counselors. And be sure that your kids’ presents are age-appropriate ?toys with small removable parts are generally not good for children under 3.

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