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Rally to Restore Sanity | Community Spirit

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Rally to Restore Sanity
    People are quibbling over how many people showed up at the rally to restore sanity on the mall Saturday. I have no idea what the real number is (200,000 or ten million), but I was at the inauguration and took the same metro stop into the city and I've never seen anything like it.     It took about an hour to get on the train and then we were packed like sardines.  At each stop the people on the train would shove closer to each other to try to get more people on. The guy next to me said sharing butt heat from the guy/girl behind him that he couldn't see was a special moment in time, it would be over soon, and he didn't want to know who it was. If only the ride into the city during rush hour could be so friendly.     Once we got down to DC the general mood was happy, ridiculous, and friendly.  There were people sitting on top of port-a-potties, sharing food, email addy's, and smiles. They had ridiculous outfits and signs that made the whole day seem even more surreal.  I even took a picture of a topless tattoed woman that I can't share.  It restored faith in humor and humanity, because nobody was taking anything seriously and everyone was accepted.

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