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Stratford University Adds New “Street Food” Culinary Course | Business

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Stratford University Adds New “Street Food” Culinary Course
Stratford University Adds New “Street Food” Culinary Course

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United States, around 2.5 billion people around the world eat street food each day. Street food, those ready-to-eat foods and beverages that are prepared and sold on the streets, play an important role in helping to support and identify cultures. The new Street Food course, at Stratford University, will focus on giving students an in-depth awareness about the sector, as well as how they may go about owning their own street food business.

“In today’s economy, it is more challenging to open a restaurant, yet it is a dream of many,” explains Charleen Huebner, the baking and pastry coordinator at Stratford University (www.stratford.edu). “Being a street food vendor is the perfect fit for millions of people around the country. It gives them an opportunity to have a small culinary business, but it eliminates the big expenses of having a restaurant.”

Street food vending is appealing to many people because the start-up and overhead costs associated with running the businesses are low. The food is typically prepared in portable stalls, carts, or in kitchens and then sold on the street, at farmer’s markets, and at a variety of other outlets. Some of the many popular street food varieties in America include hot dogs, ice cream, gyros, pretzels, kebobs, and pizza. In addition to focusing on some of these American classics, students will learn about street food from around the world including popular items from India, Thailand, Singapore, Italy, and Central America. Foods from these regions are becoming increasingly popular in the United States.

Students in the Street Food course will learn how to take lower cost products and create a dish that they can sell on the street for a fraction of what it would cost in the supermarket or a restaurant. They will also learn about the benefits of mobile restaurants, including that they don’t have the same restrictions that brick-and-mortar versions have.

This course is ideal for anyone interested in starting a street food business, as well as those wanting to learn about the cultural aspect of street food vending.

“Street food has always been a part of our culture, and it will be for many years to come,” adds Huebner. “Plus, it gives those who have a dream of owning a restaurant somewhere to start that is affordable and attainable.”

To learn more about the Street Food course, or to enroll, visit the site at www.stratford.edu.

Stratford University offers 31 degree and non-degree programs, including non-degree culinary workshops. They also offer a variety of degrees in culinary arts and hospitality management. Degrees offered include advanced culinary arts, baking and pastry arts, hotel and restaurant management, and hospitality management. Many programs are offered completely online.

About Stratford University:

Stratford University operates campuses in Tysons Corner, Richmond, and Woodbridge. It offers 31 undergraduate and graduate degrees in the areas of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Health Sciences, Business Administration, and Information Technology. The degree programs are offered both on campus, as well as online. For more information on  Stratford University, please visit www.stratford.edu.

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