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New Age SAT Prep Class Offers a 200 Point Guarantee | News

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New Age SAT Prep Class Offers a 200 Point Guarantee
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New Age SAT Prep Class Offers a 200 Point Guarantee

Three local college students are spearheading a new age SAT prep course in Fairfax County. Revolution Prep’s Ivy Insiders is taught by three entrepreneurial college students who all graduated from W.T. Woodson High School in Fairfax in the last three years.

Harvard students first started the SAT course in 2003, but since then it has expanded nationwide. The prep course teachers in Fairfax are Jennifer Lu, a rising junior at University of Virginia, Jeremy Weir, a rising sophomore at University of Pennsylvania, and Danayit Musse, a rising sophomore at Northwestern University.

“Traditional prep courses are taught by older teachers and they may have taken the test 10 years ago. This prep course is taught my students who just recently took the test; we took it and we conquered it,” said Weir.

And the results are there. The average Ivy Insider’s student increases their score by 250 to 300 points, which is the higher than most prep companies across the nation.

“We have a 200 score guarantee. If you don’t improve your SAT score by 200 points you can take one of our later classes completely free of charge,” said Musse.

The Ivy Insiders also offer smaller class sizes, with five to seven in each session, which allows for more personalized instruction. The course offers 18 hours of lecture and five full length proctored exams. All courses are taught at Calvary Hill Baptist Church located at 9301 Little River Turnpike in Fairfax.

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