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Photo Gallery | Military Discount Platform Partners with LEGO® to Serve Military Families During the Holidays

TroopSwap is the first online e-commerce platform, or daily deal site, open exclusively to members of the military. While much of the country already recognized the military by giving military discounts, there had previously been no way for businesses to issue these discounts online; TroopSwap now provides that channel. Blake Hall, CEO and Co-Founder of TroopSwap, is this week’s Super NoVA for making it easier for businesses to do special things for our servicemen and women.  

“The reason we started is because the federal government does not provide a secure, digital I.D. for members of the military community online.  There are a lot of businesses that are willing to treat this community in a very special manner,” said Hall.

TroopSwap is the validation system that allows businesses to be confident that they are only offering deals to those in the military community. This holiday season TroopSwap partnered with LEGO® to offer an exclusive discount on toys for military children. In particular, LEGO® furnished TroopSwap with ten of their top selling products at a discounted price, ranging up to 66% off.

“We serve a special community that sacrifices a lot, day in and day out, and our mission is to partner with premium brands like LEGO® that never do deals with anyone else to show that businesses really will treat military in a special way,” said Hall.

Hall is a third-generation solider and combat veteran who served in Iraq for 15 months. After completing his service in 2007, he attended Harvard Business School. While there, he met Matthew Thompson, another combat veteran, and together, the two launched TroopSwap on May 23, 2011. Since its debut late last May, the site has attracted over 30,000 members and continues to grow.

“We have been very fortunate to get into an ecosystem of very successful military businessmen and technologists who saw what we were doing and wanted to get involved and help out,” said Hall.

Check out the slideshow of Hall and his TroopSwap team as they prepare to ship out 3,500 pounds of LEGOs to military families this holiday season. Look out for more Super NoVAs every Wednesday going forward. Email escott@wusa9.com if you want to nominate yourself or someone you know that deserves to be recognized as a Super NoVA!

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