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3rd fire at $1.5 million Falls Church House For Sale | News

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3rd fire at $1.5 million Falls Church House For Sale

Falls Church, Va.  (WUSA) - "It's incredible. How can this happen the 3rd time? It's incredible," said Chuck Peel, a neighbor of 2142 Haycock Road, which has caught fire three times. 

The 911 call came in around 3:00 .am. Friday morning for the third fire. 

75 firefighters battled the two-alarm blaze. Next door neighbor Lynn Heinrichs did not make the 911 call this time, but she did see the familiar orange glow out of the window.

"I was like, Oh, No! Not again," Heinrichs said. 

She took some video of the new fire. The first was three years ago on November 7, 2010 when the home burned to the ground. The damage was estimated at $1,000,000, a complete loss.

The heat did $20,000 worth of damage to Heinrichs' home.

"It melted everything. The gas company had to come to out because the gas meter had melted," she said.

So much was destroyed in the blaze that Fairfax fire investigators could not find evidence of the cause. But, when it happened a second time, on July 14, 2012, they did find evidence of arson. They found an accelerant on the porch where the fire started. But, there have been no arrests.

Today, they brought out an accelerant -sniffing dog and Fire Marshall Deputy Chief Mike O'Reilly says they are hopeful, evidence will be found.

Neighbor John Tanner expressed his frustration. "The neighbors are pretty upset. We don't feel safe. Three times in three years. It makes you feel uncomfortable," said Tanner.

It appears this new fire started upstairs. An accelerant-sniffing dog was brought to search for spots to be tested.

The new home has been for sale for three years. Nobody has ever lived in it. The owner is listed as Lawrence O'Conner. The lot was a tear-down. The original home was destroyed and a new million dollar home was built, practically to the lot-line. When the first fire happened, the home was still under construction.

Heinrichs says that before the first fire the partly-constructed house was vandalized. Someone sprayed-painted the words, "Giangantor, I hate yards and trees."

Investigators say they have looked at many people and possible motives including those who dislike development, property fraud, or arsonists who just like to see things burn and then get away with it.


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