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Virginia History Textbook Said To Contain Big Lie

ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA) - It's well known, thanks to the movie Glory, that black soldiers fought for the Union. In the Confederate Army, historians say thousands of slaves worked as laborers, not as soldiers, but a new fourth grade textbook, "Our Virginia: Past and Present," has a different take.

"The people in Richmond who approved this book should be fired," said Jeremy Mayer, George Mason University Public Policy Associate Professor. "What do you have a credentialling board for textbooks for if not to catch howling errors?"

He and many historians are outraged about this line in the book, "Thousands of Southern blacks fought in the Confederate ranks, including two black battalions under the command of Stonewall Jackson."

Kid-Approved Healthy Food With Stealth Veggies

OAKTON, Va.  (WUSA) - "YUCK!"  If you've heard that when you've tried to serve your kids vegetables like squash, cauliflower, or sweet potatoes, join the club.     

My nine-year-old dislikes most vegetables, except for raw carrots.  And I wonder if she ever eats any vegetables when she buys lunch at school.   But there's hope.

Fairfax County Schools are trying to get kids to eat more fruits and vegetables.   On Friday, October 15, Penny McConnell, the Director of Fairfax County Public Schools Food and Nutrition Services held a taste testing at Oakton Elementary. 

On the menu were all products from Hidden Healthies, a company (started by a mom) that mass produces all natural products with stealth vegetables.   Company literature says it's "traditional kid's favorites made with a healthier veggie twist."

Serial Burglar Strikes Again

VIENNA, Va.  (WUSA) - Police in Northern Virginia say the serial burglar has hit more than 100 homes in the past several months.

Overnight in the Vienna area, five homes were hit.  Police say the burglar successfully entered three and stole purses and/or money. 

Two homes were hit on Nicholas Circle.  The owner of one says she came downstairs for breakfast and discovered her purse was missing.  Then she saw the garage door had been picked and the door to house also compromised.

"He was inside my house while I was sleeping. I'm scared. I'm really scared.  And I'll probably be scared for a long time," she said. 

The thief tried to get into her neighbor's house, but was unsuccessful.  He did get in the screened-in porch by slitting a screen, but he could not pry open the windows because the owner locked them.

Securing Your Home

GREAT FALLS, Va. (WUSA) - "We need to get in habit of doing these things," said Master Police Officer Patrick Lucas who is a crime prevention specialist.   He says people need to remember to make sure their doors are locked and their garage doors are closed before leaving home or going to sleep.

The serial burglar, who may responsible for as many as 100 break-ins or attempted break-in through Northern Virginia, uses the path of least resistance.  He's entered most homes through unlocked doors.

"He seems to be very cash-driven oriented only," said Officer Lucas.  It may be more than one thief or  copy cat thieves.  The thief is using gloves, leaving behind little forensic evidence.  He is generally not stealing property  or credit cards, both of which could be traced back to the owner.

Tysons Boulevard Closure to Begin Overnights Wednesday through Saturday

Multiple daytime lane closures of Tysons Boulevard at Chain Bridge Road in Tysons Corner will begin on or about Wednesday, Oct. 13. Tysons Boulevard will be closed between Galleria Drive and Route 123, from 11:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. Wednesday through Saturday nights.

Traffic can access Tysons Boulevard by using Galleria Drive to Westpark Drive, then left on to Westbranch Drive and right on to Tysons Boulevard. There will also be other detours in place to support the Tysons Boulevard closure.

Dulles Rail crews will be reconfiguring the road and implementing lane shifts. They have been building piers for aerial bridge construction in this area for several months. Motorists in this area should use extreme care and watch for signage.

89-Year-Old Woman Scammed by Car Thieves

This was sent to us by Fairfax County Police Department:

McLean Police District – Police are searching for a stolen car they believe was taken by two men who scammed an 89-year-old woman out of an undisclosed amount of cash and then stole her car on Thursday evening, September 31. The investigation determined the victim was driving in the morning and got lost in the Leesburg area. Two men offered to escort her home in her vehicle for a fee. She agreed and the men returned the victim to her home in the area of Hopewood Drive and Rosecroft Place, where she handed over the cash. The next day, family members visited the victim and noticed her car was missing. Further investigation revealed that the car key had been taken off of the key ring.

Serial Burglar Tops 100 Crimes

HAYMARKET, Va. (WUSA) -- There has been a false sense of security on Riding Club Drive and Gables Green Way in Haymarket.

They are gated, high end neighborhoods where some homeowners leave the cars and homes unlocked.

But security was breached Monday into Tuesday morning when a burglar attempted to or successfully broke into 14 homes.

These break-ins sound eerily similar to the 90 incidents Fairfax County is investigating. The burglar has a penchant for large homes and cash from designer purses. Investigators haven't said the recent Haymarket crimes are connected to those in Fairfax County, but they are treating it as such.

9NEWS NOW found Chris Barbosa drying out her Louis Vuitton after finding it in a puddle of water in her yard.

Barbosa says, "As soon as I saw it in my side yard I knew what happened."

The crook had entered her garage door and got the purse out of her car where she left it with the cash gone.